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Disinfection and Sanitation:

By using high effective hospital grade chemicals approved by EPA and by following guidelines published by the CDC; we professionally clean, disinfect and sanitize any building or establishment , Vehicles, boats, etc.

Carpet Cleaning:

We specialize in deep carpet cleaning with the latest technologies equipment that gets your carpet thoroughly deep cleaned, Disinfected and Sanitized.

Odor Elimination:  

Our Commercial Ozone generators will remove household odors very effectively. Simply cleaning it will not eliminate smoking/pets/food/musty or water damage odors because the particulars penetrate the furniture and fabrics.  Our equipment can be use on vehicles, boats, Rv's, or any Building .

Pressure Washing:

Commercial and Residential walkways, driveways, patios, decks, fleet trucks, etc.

We performed hot Pressure Washing using the most efficient method and with the best equipment.  

Soft Washing:

Our Soft Wash process quickly and effectively removes bacteria, algae, dirt, even insects and spider webs with low pressure. It not only cleans but disinfects as well. This method will be the perfect solution to wash Home composite roof shingles and any type of House siding.

Real Estate Properties Trash Removal and Deep Cleaning:

Providing professional, friendly and efficient service is our number one goal. We work with home buyers and sellers to ensure their cleanliness needs. We are the preferred choice for Local Real Estate Agents.

Lawn Maintenance:

We keep your lawn and outdoor property clean and manicure year round, whether it's preparing it for spring by clearing winter debris, mowing lawns throughout the summer, Leaf pick up or yard clean up before winter.                 

Post-Construction Clean up:

Our Professional team with expertise in post-construction debris clean up, that will have your facility spotless right on schedule. Construction Companies know they can count with us.

Gutter Cleaning​:

We clean the gutters by hand and we remove all the debris from the property. We also make sure the downspouts are working properly. We treat your home as we treat ours...…."MI CASA ES SU CASA."

Window Cleaning​:

Window cleaning is performed by our skilled professionals who are highly trained and experienced in keeping your windows "Sparkling Clean".

Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Re-finish:

We are experts in VCT, LVT, Concrete and Epoxy types of flooring.

Mobile Vehicle Detailing:

Are you to busy or you don't have time to bring your vehicle, boat, RV for a professional detailing ? no worries

we can come to your site and get it done before the end of the day! 


Maintaining the highest standards for health, safety, and appearance is the core of all janitorial services.

Hallways, Apartments, Multi-Family Units.  


No matter the type of facility, our team is devoted to making it look its absolute best!

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